I’m a Fool for Christ

Neil’s Story As told to writer Sarah Hendrix /// You’ve heard of a 12-step program, a 7-step program. Well mine was a 1-step program! I really believe I just touched the hem of His garment and I never looked back. Simple as it sounds, it was not an easy life that brought me to that […]

The Serenity Prayer Helps Me

Denise’s Story As told to Mary Jenkins /// My mother was addicted to Valium. She had a hysterectomy at age 26 and became addicted. She was so sick that we stayed with other family members. I stayed with an aunt, whose husband was an alcoholic and a gambler. There was always fighting going on. My […]

Don’t Believe in Stereotypes

Rex’s Story As told to Missy Reid /// A pill head is someone who is incoherent, has slurred speech and doesn’t function. She pretty much behaves like a drunk. She can’t get up for work and spends her days in bed or on the couch and hides herself away from family and friends. That was […]

Abuse is No Secret

Susan’s Story As told to Sarah Wilder /// Pharmacy school prepares you for a lot of things, but one thing it doesn’t prepare you for is watching a customer get arrested in your business’s parking lot. And that’s exactly what happened to me one month after receiving my pharmacy license. It all started with a […]

I Stopped the Cycle

Rebecca’s Story As told to Victoria Engelhardt /// It had been a perfect date. I was fifteen and barely knew what love was, but I thought I could be falling in it. The laughter and flirtation that filled the dimly lit booth in Dairy Queen had put butterflies in my stomach yet put my mind […]